Ticket Tribe

Event ticketing platform built from the ground up to be scalable and easy to use.

Custom backend, frontend and iOS app. System architecture based on microservices and latest practices.

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(R)estart Reality

Augmented reality app development in Unity with Vuforia. Native code bridging and custom Swift code.

The app recognizes stencil graffiti on specific walls around Europe and animates them in AR, bringing them to life.

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Snaps Squared

iOS app development in Swift that handles image picking, cropping, order information input and payment.

Custom backend to accept and handle orders and integration to a payment processor (Maksekeksus).

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Augmented reality app development in Unity with the Vuforia SDK. Native code bridging and custom Objective-C code.

Multiple AR marker identifications, custom sound effects and various particle effects.

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Website frontend and custom HTML5 canvas animations that gave me inpiration for my own site's intro.

Backend development and Voog CMS integration. Custom social media widget development.

Kaubamaja 55

Facebook app that lets you morph your face into fashion shots from different decades.

Mobile front- and backend development. Custom server setup and Imagemagick picture manipulation.

Coco Active

Helped in the front-end development of the website for Coco Active. Custom image sequence control and playback.

Scroll tracking, some parallax effects and social media widget dev.