Ticket Tribe

An event management platform that was built from the ground up to be scalable, modern and easy to use.

Want a quick overview?
Watch the screen recording below

The online ticketing platform consists of a landing page, admin dashboard (SPA), embeddable widget, iOS ticket validation app and back office software. There are quite a lot of pieces to this platform, so to get a better overview just watch the screen recording below.

Tech stack: Go (golang), PostgreSQL, Redis, Vue.js, SASS, Heroku, Swift

How do you validate tickets?
There's an app for that!

To validate your attendee's ticket on event day just scan them with this custom build iOS app.

The check-in app doesn't need a continuous internet connection to validate tickets. The encrypted database is downloaded to the device and can be used in remote or overcrowded venues that don't have a great data connection.

And of course everything is styled to match the Ticket Tribe brand.