The largest and oldest confectionery company in Estonia tasked us to bring back some Christmas magic for the children.

Christmas Adventure mobile app

Characters from 10 different christmas confectionery packages came alive on your mobile phone and tablet with augmented reality. The interactive elf jumped out of your candy package and you could make him dance, sneeze, throw a snowball etc.

The following year the app was updated to include a unique audio story about the adventures of the elves on your package, bringing you a little bit of christmas magic.

Tech stack: Objective C, Swift, Unity, Vuforia, C#

Being a part of Santa's IT department

It all started with a prototype I did for fun to learn more about augmented reality. After the sales team saw it, they came up with the concept for this project.

The elf was designed and animated by a partner firm with technical specifications coming from me.

I was the technical lead on this app and developed everything needed in Unity, then exported the package to iOS / Android. I also developed the native bridge between Unity and iOS plus a tutorial view in native Objective C.

I worked closely with the Android developer to assure quality and a unified experience on both platforms.

The overall ad campaign won Silver in Kuldmuna 2015

Prestigious Estonian ad and design award

Net. sales increase in 2014


  • 15,000 app downloads
  • 200 000+ selfies with the elf
  • Net. sales increase 20% vs 2013