(R)estart Reality

All over Europe, quirky time-travellers from Estonia materialize on the walls of various buildings in stencil & spray paint, with a touch of magic. They come from a time of about 100 years ago, now exploring Europe on this unforseen tour to celebrate their country´s centenary and Edward von Lõngus´s 10th year of being active on the streets, using the city space as his medium.


To celebrate Estonia's centenary artist Edward von Lõngus travelled all over Europe leaving stencil graffiti on the walls of cities like Tallinn, Berlin, Rome, London, etc.

If you find the artwork and point the app at it - the characters come alive! Well... they start animating using Augmented Reality, but close enough.

Tech stack: Unity, C#, Vuforia (Augmented Reality), Swift

What exactly did I do?

My job was to figure out the Augmented Reality part of this whole project.

Early on I prototyped a couple of different techniques and ideas that could possibly be used to bring the graffiti charaters to life. It turned out that in this case the best way to do it was an image sequence.

I handled the development in Unity using Vuforia, exported the bundle to both iOS and Android and also did all of the native iOS development for the rest of the app.

I also worked closely with the Android developer to ensure a unified experience on both platforms.